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A holistic approach to health through complementary therapy

Specialising in:

  • Reflexology
  • Male & Female Fertility
  • Maternity
  • Menopause
  • Mental Health

Our specialist services 



Reflexology is a natural, non-invasive therapy treating specific reflex points on the feet. We offer general reflexology to induce relaxation and treat many common health issues. We provide specialist Mindful Reflexology for stress, anxiety and depression and women's health reflexology for menopause and other hormonal related conditions.


Specialist fertility service supporting natural and assisted conception.

Learn how to take control of your reproductive health with an individualised action plan, combined with a course of fertility reflexology, acupressure and moxibustion treatments to balance reproductive hormones and reduce stress.


Specialist maternity reflexology with Registered Midwife.

Maternity reflexology can reduce discomfort from common pregnancy ailments and encourage the natural onset of labour.

Active Birth Workshop
Our midwife led Active Birth Workshop prepares you and your birth partner for labour and birth.


Women's Health  

Specialist Women’s Health Reflexology is used to treat a range of women’s health conditions such PMS, painful or irregular periods, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, hormones imbalances and menopause.

A holistic approach is taken to explore  factors that can improve your condition, such by making diet and lifestyle changes combined with a course of reflexology treatments.


Baby classes 

We offer a choice of private 1-1 classes or small group classes.

Baby massage, baby reflexology and baby yoga.

Baby massage and reflex enhance bonding with your baby and treat common baby ailments such as colic, reflux, wind and teething.

Baby yoga aids physical and psychological development and is a fun way to interact with your baby and encourage them to meet their milestones.

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The 'Father of Medicine', 450-357 BC.

The body contains the inherent ability and intelligence to heal itself provided it is given the opportunity to do so.

"Beautiful experience, very nurturing & deeply relaxing effect lasted for days"  

                                             Linda (reflexology)

"Everything was excellent, better than expected"

                    Orin (baby massage) 

"Heather was really calming & helpful with any queries that we had"

                                Donna (baby massage)

"Heather was a brilliant teacher, I learnt a lot & Dollie really enjoyed it and it helped

with her sleeping"    

                                                                        Bianca (baby massage)

"Amazing treatments, felt relaxed & very chilled afterwards. 

I always get a good, restful sleep after too. Fabulous therapist!"

                                   Wendy (reflexology)

"Heather was informal, friendly & full of knowledge & experience.

A wonderful few weeks, thank you!"  

                                                 Rhian (baby massage)

"Heather is lovely, she made me feel relaxed & explained everything. 

The treatment was brilliant" 

                                                          Charlotte (reflexology)

"Once again I really enjoyed the treatment and left feeling relaxed.

Highly recommended!"

                                                           Harriet (reflexology)

"I can thoroughly recommend Heather at Barefoot holistic therapies. Her friendly and professional attitude combined with a deep knowledge for her subject and practical skills are a winning combination"

                                                         Nick (reflexology)

"The course was very informative, practical and baby led. Heather was very supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable".

                                                         Parminder (baby massage)

"Heather really makes the class interactive and is always happy to stop and answer questions"

                                                         Donna (baby yoga)

"I found the class really relaxing. Heather was really friendly and offered a lot of good advice and reassurance"

                                                         Jen (baby yoga)

"I took my 7 week old daughter to baby massage as she was suffering from trapped wind & reflux. Since the week course I have noticed a massive difference and she is now more settled on an evening & doesn't suffer from either as much any more. Heather is a fantastic teacher, explaining & demonstrating all the techniques for us to use at home".

                                                                                   Becky (baby massage)

"Me and my baby enjoyed yoga, We have been carrying it on at home. Every Thursday after attending yoga my baby slept through the night all thanks to Heather and her yoga class" 

Clare (baby yoga)

I had heather come to my house to do the maternity reflexology to try and induce me into labour, as I was told I would need an induction in the next few days-which I really didn’t want!!! She was lovely and friendly but also very professional which I find key to a good service. The treatment was explained thoroughly and it was nice and relaxing especially as it was done it my own home. She picked up that there was some issues in the pancreas area-which was spot on as I had gestational diabetes. Anyway later that evening I could feel things moving, had the ‘show’ and a few days later my baby girl was born!! I truly think it worked for me and would definitely do this again! I’ve since attended baby massage and baby yoga with Heather and have loved every minute. Would highly recommend Heather and the baby courses. 
Bally (maternity reflexology)

‘Heather is amazing at what she does, she put our minds at ease with a number of different concerns we had. Even when our pregnancy changed and I became high risk, Heather was on hand with her advice and guidance putting my mind at ease’.

(Danielle & James - Sutton Coldfield)

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