‘Heather’s classes proved invaluable during the actual birth - where positional, relaxation and breathing techniques helped me to deliver my little girl safely into the world. Would highly recommend for all mums to be ’.


What The Active Birth Class is all about:

The Active Birth Class is a private class for couples. Led by Heather, practicing midwife, pregnancy yoga instructor and birth educator. The class is carried out in the comfort of you home, using your home surroundings to prepare you for labour and birth.

Birth preparation is really important for you and your birth partner. Understanding the physiology of your baby's journey through the pelvis and birth canal will help you adopt optimal positions for an easier birth. Being comfortable and confident to move around in labour can reduce the length of labour and the need for pain relief.


What to expect:

During the class you will learn about the physiology of birth in relation to maternal positions. We will take you on a step by step journey for each stage of labour, starting with late pregnancy you will learn how to sit comfortably, and which positions you can adopt to promote optimal fetal positioning (for breech and back to back babies). The next step is how to encourage the natural onset of labour through yoga postures, reflexology points and relaxation techniques. Moving on to early and established labour we explore more positions and the best ways to mobilise and transition. Your birth partner will learn how to support you through reflexology and massage techniques and using the rebozo scarf for relaxation, pain relief and massage. For the birthing stage of labour you will learn the best and most comfortable positions to be in. Breathing techniques for each stage will be embedded into the class and we finish with a guided relaxation.

By attending The Active Birth Class you can approach your labour and birth with confidence, trusting your body and knowing your birth partner feels comfortable in their role.

The information used is taken from evidence-based practice and promotes a positive and holistic approach to your birth.

What the class covers:

  • Positions for late pregnancy, labour and birth
  • Yoga postures for late pregnancy and early labour
  • Understanding your pelvis
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques 
  • Rebozo scarf use for birth partner support and pain relief
  • Massage techniques
  • Reflexology techniques

Rebozo scarf 

The rebozo scarf is a traditional Mexican scarf used by midwives and birthing mothers. Performing “Manteada” (a gentle sifting) with the rebozo is not only deeply nurturing for the expectant mother, but can be used to:

  • Relax tight uterine ligaments, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles
  • Reduce pregnancy discomforts such as back ache and pelvic girdle pain
  • Help a baby rotate in pregnancy or labour
  • Promote relaxation in late pregnancy and labour
  • Reduce discomfort during labour


Class Details:

Suitable from around 34 weeks of pregnancy, this 90 minutes class is carried out in the comfort of your own home. Evening and Saturday appointments available.

Available locally within Sutton Coldfield.

(additional travel charges will apply to surrounding areas, please contact us before booking).

You will need a gym/birthing ball, pillows and blankets. 

Price: £75

Please contact us for more details: