‘Heather is amazing at what she does, she put our minds at ease with a number of different concerns we had. Even when our pregnancy changed and I became high risk, Heather was on hand with her advice and guidance putting my mind at ease’.

(Danielle & James - Sutton Coldfield)

Active Birth Class:

Active Birth & Rebozo Workshop 

  • Understanding your pelvis
  • Positions for labour & birthing
  • Breathing techniques
  • Birth partner support in labour
  • Partner massage & reflexology techniques
  • Rebozo scarf for birth partner support & pain relief


The Active Birth & Rebozo workshop is a 90 minutes class for expectant mothers and their birth partners.

Led by Heather, practicing midwife and antenatal educator; the workshop begins with your baby's journey through the pelvis and birth canal. Understanding this process will help you adopt optimal positions for an easier birth. Learning how competent and incredible your body is can help you feel confident and relaxed through the stages of birth.

Moving on to the practical part of the workshop, Heather will teach you the best positions to adopt in late pregnancy for comfort and to promote optimal fetal positioning (for breech and back to back babies).

Explore positions for early and established labour and the easiest ways to mobilise and transition. Being comfortable and confident to move around in labour can reduce the length of labour and the need for pain relief.

Birth partner support is a fundemental part of this workshop. Your birth partner will learn how to support you through reflexology and massage techniques, encouraging relaxation and the release of oxytocin ( the love hormone that is needed for labour). Rebozo scarf techniques are taught for relaxation, pain relief and massage. These versatile scarves originate from Mexico where they have been used for many years to support women during birth.

We finish the class with a guided relaxation where you will practice effective breathing techniques for birth.

By attending The Active Birth & Rebozo workshop, you can approach your labour and birth with confidence, trusting your body and knowing your birth partner feels comfortable in their role. The workshop is suitable from around 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Classes are taught by Heather, a practising midwife, trained birth educator and antenatal yoga instructor. The classes she delivers are invaluable for those looking for antenatal birth classes in Sutton Coldfield. Classes are small and personal, giving you the opportunity to ask quesitons specific to your pregnancy and birth

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Active Birth & Rebozo workshop

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