‘Heather is amazing at what she does, she put our minds at ease with a number of different concerns we had. Even when our pregnancy changed and I became high risk, Heather was on hand with her advice and guidance putting my mind at ease’.

(Danielle & James - Sutton Coldfield)

Next workshop:

2/5/20 - 10 am - 4 pm 

What our Antenatal Birth Workshop is all about...

The Real Birth Workshop was created through the belief that all expectant parents should have access to positive birth information to enable them to have a positive birth experience.

We support all birthing choices because we believe in empowering you with the right information when you need it.

Whether you are planning a home water birth or an elective caesarean section, birth preparation is really important.

It should help you, and your birth partner, feel confident in your abilities and the decisions that you make about your labour and birth.

Because Heather is a practising midwife and trained birth educator the classes she delivers are invaluable for those looking for antenatal birth classes in Sutton Coldfield.

Heather will ensure the antenatal classes are fun, informal and informative, and will talk you through your options and help with your birth preparation and birth plan. The Real Birth Workshop is suitable from 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Antenatal Classes

What to expect

We will take you on a step by step journey of how our bodies birth our babies. There are amazing physical, hormonal, and emotional processes our bodies work through during labour and birth.

Our aim is to help you to understand more about the physiology behind birth and labour. Learning how competent and incredible your body is can help you feel confident and relaxed through the stages of birth. Understanding the physiology of your baby's journey through the pelvis and birth canal will help you adopt optimal positions for an easier birth. Being comfortable and confident to move around in labour can reduce the length of labour and the need for pain relief.

We will teach practical skills for you and your birth partner so they feel comfortable in their role; partner massage, breathing techniques, rebozo scarf support. These techniques can be used during late pregnancy, labour and birth to help you feel calm and in control.

The information we use for our antenatal birth classes is taken from evidence-based practice and has been written to promote a positive and holistic approach to your birth. The workshop is accredited by RCM (Royal College of Midwives).

Following the workshop you will receive access to our online birth programme. Through this interactive programme, you will be able to recap all the topics covered when ever you chose. Topics are broken down into bite size modules, enabling you to work through it at your own pace. Ongoing support with Heather will be available via facebook, email and phone.


The Active Birth & Rebozo workshop

For those that may have already received antenatal education, but are interested in learning more about positions for labour and birth and birth partner support; The Active Birth & Rebozo workshop is a 90 minutes workshop. The workshop runs the last Friday evening of every month as small group workshops. classes can be attended as small group sessions and as individual sessions for just you and your partner.


KGHypnobirthing gives you the knowledge and the tools to have the best natural child birth for you.

Understand how to release fear and learn to trust your body, your instinct, and your baby.  In order to do this, you need information and knowledge. Our Hypnobirthing classes provide you with the tools to be in control of your baby's birth. 

Hypnobirthing classes can be attended as small group sessions or individual sessions for just you and your partner. 


What the workshop covers: 

Physiology of birth

  • Positive attitudes in pregnancy
  • Physiology of birth
  • Stages of labour
  • Baby’s adjustment to its new world
  • Skin to skin with your baby

Active Birth class

  • Understanding your pelvis
  • Positions for labour & birthing
  • Breathing techniques
  • Birth partner support in labour
  • Partner massage & reflexology techniques
  • Rebozo scarf for birth partner support & pain relief

Birth plan

  • Hormones in pregnancy and birth
  • Ways to reduce stress in labour
  • How to be a birth partner and advocate in labour
  • Options & choices for birth
  • Induction of labour
  • Birth plan

Upcoming Antenatal Classes in Sutton Coldfield

Real Birth Workshop ONLINE course:

Tuesday 21st & 28th April 6.00 - 9 pm - Reduced to £99

Real Birth Workshop:

Thursday, 18th & 25th June 6.00 - 9 pm

            £120 for individual bookings

£150 to attend with your birth partner

Option to pay in installments.

Leave the workshop with a personal workbook and access to our online programme.

1-1 workshops prices:

Full Birth workshop £250 (reduced from £300)

Please contact us for availability.


Ebrook Oesteopathy & Sports clinic

3 Coleshill St, Sutton Coldfield

B72 1SD

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