"I took my 7 week old daughter to baby massage as she was suffering from trapped wind & reflux. Since the course I have noticed a massive difference and she is now more settled on an evening & doesn't suffer from either as much any more. Heather is a fantastic teacher, explaining & demonstrating all the techniques for us to use at home".

Becky (baby massage)

“Studies show that babies who are massaged cry less, sleep better, and have lower levels of stress hormones compared to infants who are not massaged" (Underdown, 2006).

Baby Massage & reflexology courses

St James church centre

61 Mere Green Road
Sutton Coldfield
B75 5BW

Suitable from 4 weeks old







Daddy & Me Workshop

Saturday,  12.30 -13.30

Next workshop dates TBC once social distancing is lifted


Cost: £10 (gift vouchers available)

Barefoot Baby Massage & Reflexology

Barefoot holistic therapies offer eight - week courses run by a certified infant massage and baby reflex instructor and registered midwife. Classes are small, friendly and informal, ensuring that parents and their babies feel relaxed and calm. The classes provide the perfect environment for socialising and meeting other parents and babies.

Learn a gentle massage and reflexology routine over an 8 week period within a safe and soothing environment, followed by a chance to ask questions and chat after the class.

Organic massage oil, baby reflex charts, demonstration booklets and videos are provided to help you practice with your baby at home.

Baby massage is available for full term babies from 4 weeks – pre crawling.

If your baby was born pre-term, please contact us prior to booking.

To attend your baby must be well and not have had immunisations within 24 hours before the class.

For more information please contact us.


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Benefits of baby massage

For your baby:

  •  Develops a feeling of being secure, loved and respected
  •  Teaches positive, loving touch
  •  Soothes colic and alleviates trapped wind and constipation
  •  Soothes teething discomfort
  •  Alleviates a blocked nose
  •  Develops body-mind awareness and coordination
  •  Promotes relaxation
  •  Improves and increases quality and length of sleep
  •  Strengthens and tones muscles
  •  Boosts the immune system to improve health
  •  Helps reduce fussiness or distress.

For you:

  • Enhances bonding and connecting with your baby
  • Provides practical tools to help you soothe common ailments
  • Reduces incidence of post-natal depression
  • Teaches loving, positive touch
  • Provides an opportunity for one on one time with your baby
  • Helps to develop an understanding of your baby’s cues and behaviour
  • Enhances competence and confidence in your ability to care for and nurture your baby
  • Helps with breastfeeding by stimulating lactation hormones
  • Promotes the nurturing instinct through stimulation of hormones.

Baby massage has been used by many cultures around the world for thousands of years – passing the tradition down from generation to generation. Sense of touch is a newborn’s first language and plays an essential role in the early development of the parent-child relationship.

Baby massage is a selection of gentle strokes and moves that you will complete with your baby; It is a fantastic opportunity for you to spend quality one to one time with your baby away from life’s daily stresses.