Baby Reflex


Private classes

One to one £45
Small groups of up to 4 babies £60

Age: 4 weeks +



Baby Reflex is a gentle form of reflexology created especially for little ones. Using specially adapted reflexology techniques, learn how to treat common baby ailments through touch. Baby reflex is a natural and effective treatment that promotes relaxation and improves sleep. In addition to improving babies wellbeing, it may reduce discomfort from colic, teething, wind constipation and reflux.

Baby reflex promotes bonding with your baby and reduces the incidence of postnatal depression through gentle, nurturing touch. Touch is your baby's first language and strongest sense so babies love receiving reflexology treatments from their carers.


There are 3 different reflexology routines available to learn. You have the option of booking just 1 class and chosing the routine you would like to learn or learn all 3 routines spread out over 2 or 3 classes. Following class you will receive comprehensive resources to help you practice with your baby at home.

  • Feeding and digestion
  • Sleeping and comforting
  • Enhancing wellbeing

Due to COVID, large group classes are cancelled until social distancing has been lifted.

Classes are currently available as private sessions with a choice of booking individual classes, 3 weeks full baby reflex course, or as part of our 8 weeks baby massage & reflexology course.

Private classes are available virtually or face to face at Barefoot Cabin, a purpose built tranquil log cabin. With a heated floor, comfy surroundings and dim lit lights, the perfect environment has been created for our classes. In this safe and soothing space you will learn gentle baby reflexology, with the opportunity to ask individual questions about yours and your babies wellbeing.

Classes are taught by Heather, reflexologist and baby reflex instructor and registered midwife.

The private classes can be booked as a one on one for just you and your baby, or for your family such as father and grandparents or as a small group of up to 4 parents and babies.

Private classes can be booked here.

Please contact us for further availability if you cannot find suitable days/times on the booking system.


One to one class -  £45

Small group class - £60

To find out more about the history, and research behind, Baby Reflex please click here: 

Cancellation policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule a class, please provide a minimum of 48 hours’ notice.  A cancellation charge will be incurred if less than 48 hours’ notice is given.

Full cancellation policy available here.

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