"Me and my baby enjoyed yoga, We have been carrying it on at home. Every Thursday after attending yoga my baby slept through the night all thanks to Heather and her yoga class" 

Clare (baby yoga)

“Touch is the first sense to be developed in the womb and the last sense to leave us before we die.”
(Hansen, 2007; Reite,1990; Sachs, 1988)

Mum & Baby Yoga

Private classes available
One to one £45
Small groups of up to 4 babies £60

Age: 8 weeks +



Barefoot Mum & Baby Yoga

Private classes

Classes are currently available as private sessions with a choice of booking individual classes or a full course.

The private classes can be booked as a one on one for just you and your baby, or for you and your family such as father and grandparents or as a group of up to 4 friends with their babies.

Private classes are available virtually or face to face at Barefoot Cabin, a purpose built tranquil log cabin. With a heated floor, comfy surroundings and dim lit lights, the perfect environment has been created for our classes. In this safe and soothing space you will practice fun, interactive yoga with your baby, with the opportunity to ask individual questions about yours and your babies wellbeing. After class you will have access to a demonstration video to help you practice at home.

Classes are taught by Heather, certified baby yoga, pre and post natal yoga instructor and registered midwife.

Private classes can be booked here.


Baby Yogis is suitable for full term babies from 8 weeks - pre crawling.

Baby Wrigglers is suitable for mobile babies from approx 6 months - pre walking.


  • Your baby must have had their 6-8 weeks check up prior to attending first class.
  • To attend your baby must be well and not have had immunisations within 24 hours before the class.
  • If your baby was born pre-term, please contact us prior to booking.


Group classes

St James church centre

61 Mere Green Road
Sutton Coldfield
B75 5BW

Cost: £80.00

8 weeks course

Due to COVID, large group classes are cancelled until social distancing and mask wearing is lifted on 21/6/21. 

Barefoot babies offer baby yoga classes taught by Heather, a registered midwife, certified baby and pre/ postnatal yoga instructor. Classes are small, friendly and informal to ensure parents and their babies feel relaxed and calm. The classes provide the perfect environment for socialising with other parents and babies.

Baby yoga is a fantastic way to ease back into gentle exercise after giving birth, perform a sequence of interactive yoga moves with your baby that are designed specifically to help you both tone and stretch. Safely recover from birth, build strength and learn ways to safely lift and carry your baby throughout the post natal period. We focus on pelvic floor toning, relaxation and of course having lots of fun with our babies! Followed by a chance to ask questions and chat after the class.

Post natal yoga is suitable from 6 weeks for all types of births, or for dads, grandparents and other care givers. Baby yoga offers physical stimulation through nurturing loving touch, helping your baby to achieve their developmental milestones (rolling, sitting, crawling, standing, walking).

The parent yoga postures are very gentle, however if you do not feel to return to exercise yet, you are welcome to join in with all the baby yoga and miss out the parent postures.

Access to demonstration videos to help you practice at home.

Daddy & Me Workshop

Baby yoga classes especially for dads.

Suitable from 4 months - crawling

Cost: £10 (gift vouchers available)

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Benefits of mum & baby yoga

For your baby:

  • Promotes bonding and attachment
  • Promotes mind-body-spirit connection
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Enhances communication
  • Improves body awareness
  • Helps reduce stress and tension by releasing 'happy hormones'
  • Increases muscle tone and co-ordination
  • Strengthens and aids muscle development
  • Improved relaxation and sleep patterns
  • Strengthens digestive, circulatory and gastrointestinal systems, encouraging weight gain
  • Reduces discomfort from: congestion, gas, colic and emotional stress.

For you:

  • Promotes bonding
  • Improves relaxation
  • Increases confidence in parenting
  • Improves ability to read infant cues
  • Increases communication – verbal and non-verbal
  • Provides quality time to share with your baby
  • Improves sense of well-being
  • Improves overall health
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Reduces stress.

Baby yoga is a centuries old tradition that can help provide a child with the best possible start in life – health, happiness, security and the feeling of being loved. It has significant and undisputed benefits that are widely endorsed by medical practitioners across the world.

Baby yoga is based on Hatha yoga - the union of balance of body and mind. Hatha yoga involves the parent/carer learning a series of stretches, poses and moves which will enhance your baby’s physiological and psychological development as well as deepening your parent-infant bond through nurturing touch. It is a safe, fun and rewarding experience for both parent and baby, and an ideal follow on from barefoot baby massage.


Cancellation policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule a class, please provide a minimum of 48 hours’ notice.  A cancellation charge will be incurred if less than 48 hours’ notice is given.

Full cancellation policy available here.

Gift vouchers & promotions:

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Terms and conditions:

Vouchers are valid for 1 year from date of purchase.
Vouchers are non-refundable.
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Vouchers will not be extended if they are not redeemed before they expire.