“Heather is a great teacher all round and explained things when needed, she gave adaptions for everyone at different stages of pregnancy. This attention to detail made me feel very safe and secure and a valued member of the class. It is an enjoyable, fun and relaxing class and I can’t wait to start Heather’s post-natal class once baby has arrived”.


classes are currently being offered virtually due to COVID19.

Due to current restrictions to face to face classes, our pregnancy yoga classes are being offered online.

Classes are taught via zoom which can be downloaded for free. Classes are small and friendly and no previouos yoga experience is needed.

Our Midwife led, Birthlight yoga classes offer original adaptations of classic yoga practice for pregnancy.

Unlike traditional yoga, Birthlight yoga has a greater focus on birth preparation by practicing specially adapted postures and birth positions, and through breathing and relaxation techniques.

Expectant mothers who practice Birthlight yoga have shorter labours, less need for pain relief and less need for medical intervention.

Approach your labour and birth with calm confidence. Improve your posture and learn adapted movements that will help you move safely in daily life during pregnancy and keep you active in labour.

Yoga in pregnancy can reduce and prevent back pain, symphysis pubic and pelvic girdle pain. Regular practice can reduce stress and anxiety and many more common pregnancy discomforts.

Classes will help you connect with your baby and leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

Pregnancy yoga is suitable from 12 weeks of pregnancy for beginners and experienced yogis.


Virtual, online classes are taught over zoom:
Wednesdays 7.30 pm
Cost £6


Click here to watch a short video demo of Birthlight Maternity Yoga


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